Life: Seeds of Change

Hello, Light Weavers and New Earth People! I hope you are having a great Holiday Season and “Happy New Earth Year!” It is great to be with you now for Blog #12. The seeds of change are upon us, all over the place! Some say we are walking a pathless path, which means, we are […]

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Wisdom: Golden Consciousness

Hello, old souls and wise beings! I am happy to be back with you for blog # 11 at this now moment. The blog site name says it all. It is all about wisdom and sharing the highly valuable Golden Nuggets of truth, light, knowledge, insight and overall higher consciousness that brings on expansion to […]

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Manifesting Success

Hello, great manifestors! Are you ready for massive success? Welcome to blog #9, it is time for a new perspective on Success and looking at what it really means for us. Within the Third Dimensional Illusion, success has largely been measured by and equated with money and a person’s wealth. I am here to inform […]

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TRUTH: Simplicity and Peace

Hello, to all you truth seekers out there! Ready for blog #8? We are doing good and the material is getting very interesting and stimulating! Please be prepared for the articles getting a little longer, as the topic of discussion gets more involved, the length of the article might as well. Anyway, I would like […]

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Adapting to New Consciousness

Hello, one and to all! I am happy to be bringing you blog #7! This blog in particular represents shifting into more involved material. In my book, I use the shifting gears reference when moving from section 1-2-3. It works and suits well for the material. It is all about forward momentum and progressing from […]

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Love: Purity of Purpose

Hello, Lovely God-Beings! The word of today and everyday, which brings major wisdom in the Golden Nugget Fashion, is “Love!” Love makes for very easy wisdom, shall we say. It is very wise and easy to just be more loving in general, love more, spread more love around and receive more love. Why is love […]

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Visionary Spirituality

Hello, Beautiful People! I am back again with more interesting nuggets of wisdom for you! You probably have noticed the sub-title of my blog site, here and are wondering what “Visionary Spirituality” is? All the writing for this blog and my book(s) has to do with Visionary Spirituality. Some big questions are: What exactly is […]

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Passionately Curious

Hello, Beautiful People! Do you know where the Love, Joy, Grace, Morality, Compassion and Unity, we know are the truth behind this existence are/is? I will give you a big hint – PASSION! Everything is wrapped up nicely in a big red bow called our passions. The true meaning of passion is: A powerful/strong or […]

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Temple of Well-Being

Hello fellow Light Bringers! It is that time again for Blog #3! I am happy to be with you again and to bring you more stimulating good news! I have adopted the Phoenix bird as my special logo. I really love the whole idea of the Phoenix rising up from the ashes, never dying and […]

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